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Loch Borralan

Taken around midday at the mid winter solstice. At this time of year the photographer's golden hour light lasts all day. Iconic Suilven can be seen reflected in the loch. Shortlisted in The Land category Scottish Nature Photography Awards 2020.

19 by 33 inch mounted and framed walnut grain

19 by 33 inch mounted and framed walnut grain

An Teallach reflection

This was the view around midday in late November at Loch Droma near Ullapool. In midwinter in the Scottish highlands the golden winter light lasts all day so it can be a photographer's dream. It makes for some long nights though.

19 by 33 inch mounted and framed walnut grain print

Yesnaby Thrift

Vibrant spring colours along the cliffs at Yesnaby.

Yesnaby Spring

Sea Thrift wildflowers overlooking Yesnaby Sea Stack one May evening.

The Spord

Hardy sea thrift clings on to the cliff edge with small sea stack beyond.

Ice patterns 1

Erotic abstract in icy small loch.

Scabra Head

Autumnal sunlight on Scabra Head natural arch

Rysa Boat

Abandoned boat on Hoy

Rysa Boat 2

Surreal long exposure image of abandoned boat on Hoy

Rinnigill crab

This rusty chunk of steel was once part of a WW2 floating crane which I photographed in 2010. It's crab-like appearance added to its intrigue. I took a long exposure to smooth out the sea and blur the clouds.

Lyness pier

Abandoned World War 2 North Pier at Lyness

October storm

Persistence and courage was needed to get to this shot of Marwick Head during a severe westerly gale.

Yesnaby Spring

Sea thrift hugging the cliffs overlooking Yesnaby sea stack one May evening.

Startrails above Stenness

The stationary Pole Star and revolving stars create a tunnel effect created by the startrails.