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Stacks of unusual shaped clouds giving the appearance of huge spaceships.

Flying Saucers

Altocumulus Lenticularis clouds formed downwind of the mountains of Sutherland during a strong south westerly wind.


Captivating and rather sinister cloud patterns one windy day in June.

Orkney sky

Altocumulus clouds stacked in layers.

Armadale dusk

Armadale beach at dusk around 10pm in June.

Talmine pier

April sunrise from Talmine Pier in Tongue Bay.


Talmine, a traditional crofting and fishing community, is one of many small coastal settlements on the west side of Tongue Bay.

Moine House2

Moody snow covered Ben Loyal with abandoned cottage on old single track road near Tongue.

Kyle of Tongue vista

View from Talmine looking up Kyle of Tongue with Ben Loyal and Ben Hope.

Kinloch River

Late winter in the Scottish Highlands can produce some glorious colours especially if the peaks retain a covering of snow. This is Ben Loyal with Kinloch River in foreground.

Kyle of Tongue and Castle Varrich

Wonderful spring day on Kyle of Tongue with Ben Loyal in distance.

Castle Varrich

Didn't plan this shot but on my way home from Tongue in April 2022 this view begged me to stop and take a photo. It's so unusually calm with Ben Loyal reflected in sea loch and Castle Varrich proudly perched on hilltop.

Ben Loyal sunrise

You can make out the boundary of the heather fire which occurred the previous summer. Pink pastel coloured late winter sunrise over Ben Loyal.

Cnoc Craggie rock

Classic winter sunrise over Ben Loyal.